Traffic Signal Controllers

Nema TS2 Type 1 and 2, ATC

170, 2070, 2070ATC

Master and local controllers

Traffic Signal Vehicle and Pedestrian Heads

LED Modules – Red, Yellow, Green, Walk, Don’t Walk, Countdown

Mounting Hardware

Back plates

Traffic Signal Cabinets

NEMA TS1 and TS2

336, 332, etc.

Battery Backup Cabinets

Traffic Signal Cabinet Accessories

Load Switches


Flash Transfer Relays

Loop Amplifiers

Line Filters and Surge Protection

Panels and Harnesses

LED Lighting

Traffic Signal MMU/Conflict Monitors

16 channel – Flashing Yellow Arrow Compatible

12 Channel

6 Channel


Video – Cameras, Processors, Communications, Wire

Wireless “POD”


Push Buttons (standard and APS)

Poles & Signs

Pedestal Poles, Bases, Caps, Collars, Painted and Unpainted

Sign Brackets, both Traffic and Street Name

Push Button Signs

Specialized Equipment

Solar Flashers

120VAC Flashers

School Flashers

Central Software

Adaptive Traffic Signal Software

EVP Equipment

Detectors, Processors, Wire

Managed Hardened Ethernet Switches

Standard RJ-45, Fiber Optic (SM/MM),

Combo, Copper over Ethernet

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